Combining lighting and acoustic qualities in one system

For additional optimisation of room acoustics, Soliscape enables you to combine user focused lighting with Soli-Shhh panels. The sound-absorbing panels can be added to the Soliscape system, positioned flat or tilted, offering noise reduction for office spaces and beyond in the most aesthetical way.

These panels are created from highly sound-absorbing PET felt, to solve the problem of indoor reverberation and to contribute to acoustic comfort and wellbeing. Absorbing the noises in the field of typical speech frequencies (between 500 Hz and 2000 Hz). Soli-Shhh panels can be used as an add-on to the Soliscape toolbox or as a separate sound-absorbing element, optionally with spot modules mounted around the circle.

Soliscape presents the advantage of uniformity and integration of lighting and acoustics in one aesthetically appealing design solution, developed by Delta Light and Ben van Berkel | UNStudio.

Acoustics and reverberation time

Reverberation occurs when sound waves are reflected from hard surfaces, such as ceilings, walls and windows, which can cause echoes and sound distortion. It is one of the main factors when evaluating the acoustics in a room.

Reverberation time is expressed in seconds. An empty space will easily have a reverberation time of over 3 seconds, an uncomfortable acoustic situation, where it is harder to understand a speaker or to focus, due to noise.

Various room functions come with various recommended reverberation times. From less then 1 second for open plan offices to a maximum of 0.6 seconds for a meeting room. Acoustic qualities depend on the construction and finishing materials. Carpet flooring for instance is more sound absorbent than materials such as concrete or ceramic tiles.

Acoustic solutions such as the Soli-Shhh panels in the Soliscape system further contribute to lowering the reverberation time for a comfortable user experience.


Certified testing

The sound-absorbing qualities Soli-Shhh panels are tested in a certified facility, a reverberation room, equipped with microphones and sound sources. The tests are run according to the EN ISO354:2003 norm.

From the lab-tested reverberation times, the equivalent sound absorption area is then determined. This allows us to calculate the effect of the Soli-Shhh panels on room acoustics.

The laboratory tests indicate that the PET felt materials in the Soli-Shhh panels grant it a class A certification for sound absorption with an excellent score of 0,98 on 1, measured at 1000 Hz. The Soli-Shhh panels come in 3 diameters: 60, 90 and 120 cm. Please find the spec sheets for each size, complete with the noise lab report below.




Noise lab reports of the Soli-Shhh panels

From theory to practice: an example

Many factors influence the acoustics qualities and thus the reverberation time inside a room. Room size, layout and materials each play their part. This practical case illustrates how reverberation time is calculated and how Soli-Shhh panels can optimise the acoustic experience.

For this illustrative case, we work with an office space of 20 sqm, with:

A floor plan of 4 by 5 m
A ceiling height of 3 m
Two glass walls and two plastered walls
A plastered ceiling
A floor covered with a hard flooring material, such as tiles or concrete.
Taking into account the materials used for ceiling, floor and walls, this space has a reverberation time of over 3 seconds. This creates an uncomfortable acoustic situation where it is hard to understand one another due to noise pollution from reverberation.

In this example we work with Soli-Shhh panels with a 90 cm diameter, pended at 50 cm from the ceiling. By adding 6 of these panels, the reverberation time in the office space is brought back to 0.92, under 1 second, for a comfortable acoustic situation.

In this case, we propose to install three of the panels as part of a Soliscape lighting configuration in the centre of the room. Three more panels are spread across the ceiling, with the possibility to add spotlights.

Beyond acoustics: add sensors to further enhance your experience

Soliscape offers a solution that integrates lighting and acoustic features. Thanks to the use of highly effective acoustic materials, the Soli-Shhh panels make a significant contribution to the sound comfort of a space.

Furthermore the Soliscape system offers sensor and voice control modules to further enhance the conditions inside your space, even beyond light and sound.

Find out more about sensors in Soliscape