Every product that leaves Delta Light's factory is thoroughly checked and tested to make sure it works, looks pretty, and is safe to use. Obvious criteria, of course, but we thought you should know that our accredited test labs comply with international testing standards and are equipped with the most advanced testing equipment. We don’t go light on quality testing. This way, our customers can be sure that they’re getting a product that has been thoroughly checked before being given the green light.

Reliable product quality

Delta Light's reliable quality isn’t something that just happens with the flick of a switch. It’s based on advanced development techniques such as 3D printing, FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis), goniophotometry and internal safety and reliability tests. This guarantees a fast, efficient development process that gets it right the first time, which fits with our philosophy of keeping the path from idea to market as short as possible.

In-house lab with ISO 17025-certification 

Testing product quality and safety according to international IEC standards is done in our own certified Delta Light laboratory. Also thanks to the close cooperation with our testing partner SGS-CEBEC, we can guarantee that we meet the ISO 17025 standard for laboratories. This enables us to present CE, ENEC and CB test marks for Europe and the IEC member states. Intertek's level 4 approval also allows our lab to test products for the North American market and to issue a cETLus seal of approval for our products. SGS-CEBEC and Intertek are independent bodies that guarantee the reliability of the lab tests through their third-party audits. If this sounds about as understandable as doctor’s speak, suffice it to say that we take product quality testing very seriously. 

Photometry (Optics)

The light output, energy consumption and light distribution are key ingredients for a good lighting fixture. At Delta Light, we have the knowledge and infrastructure to check the characteristics of the light distribution and to optimise the efficiency of the fixtures. Because we like to stay light years ahead in terms of innovation, our lighting laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited by BELAC/ILAC for the LM-79 standard. 

Together with light distribution, the quality of light is very important: light colour, colour rendering, uniformity, UGR...  We use RIGO equipment to check and optimise the quality of the light source and the entire fixture in detail, in accordance with our Delta Light standards, which by this point you must appreciate are very high.

Optical simulation technology

We’d like to shed some light on a particular subject: superior light quality testing. Light quality also depends on components such as the optics, lenses and reflectors used. Our optical engineers use (among other things) digital simulation in their research and development. This enables us to optimise the shape and position of the optical elements at an early stage in the design process. We can accurately estimate how the light fixture will perform once it’s ready to go. In addition to simulating the final effect, we also use the optical simulations to optimise the energy efficiency and to see what the effect will be when we adjust the design .

Electromagnetic compatibility tests (EMC)

In addition to safety, reliability and lighting quality, our lighting equipment must also comply with internationally imposed requirements for electromagnetic compatibility. EMC tests according to the relevant IEC standards guarantee this. They’re the ones who light a fire under us to make sure there is no interference between our lighting equipment and the environment.

Quality control and production tests

At various stages of production - from the moment parts see the light of day to the point where finishing touches are put on the final product - routine tests are carried out for functionality, safety and aesthetics to ensure the highest level of quality. After assembly, each light fixture undergoes a final inspection. During this inspection, the electrical and functional operation of each individual device is checked, as well as its safety and finish. Only then are the products packed, labelled and ready for transport. 

Our inspection partner SGS-CEBEC also guarantees that we always comply with the quality management system of the IECEE CB Scheme. We hope this quality assurance guarantee makes you see us in a favourable light.