What makes a Delta Light design unique? Simply, that it adds a subtle sophistication to a space. Our designs bring an inconspicuous magic to a room, leaving you with a feeling that there’s something special about the place you’re in.  

In-house design

Our in-house design team dreams up lighting solutions that fit within the architectural design landscape and create understated elegance. Our approach may be minimalist, yet we  take bold risks by  pushing the limits of technology. We’re constantly exploring future trends, both in the design space and with new materials,  focusing on the power of imagination.
We focus on the details -how a luminaire looks, moves, its specificity and installation, the way the light casts, and the feeling and mood it evokes. Our products are the result of extensive research and testing, fusing advanced technology with timeless design and sustainable materials.

Classic and recognizable

Delta Light products have a time-honoured, quintessential design because consistency is essential in everything we do. It’s an important pillar that we aim for in the creative process. Our designs are very recognizable in a market often saturated with uniformity. A Delta Light design will never be in-your-face, nor will it be considered humdrum. Small adjustments or shifts in the design  create an overall visual tension that is just enough to be eye-catching without being conspicuous. 

Our lighting strives to harmonize with the architecture, blending into the background to illuminate the space. 

Pure lighting

Our aim is to create exceptional products through the purity of design. Because our designs are so minimal, every detail makes a big statement. Our designs are made with sustainability at the forefront. Using as little material as is viable, we try to have as big a visual impact as possible.

Cooperation and awards

Throughout our history, we have focused on creating lighting solutions to fit  any building or environment. For some of these collections, we have collaborated with external designers to invent new, exciting creations. Great examples of this are our most recent collaboration with Amsterdam-based UNStudio resulted in our Soliscape product, or the collaboration with Rotterdam-based architectural firm MVRDV for the High Profiles project. Merging the vision and conceptual ideas of these leading architects and designers with our in-house R&D and manufacturing expertise illustrates how Delta Light, together with its partners, continues to embrace the future.

Our creativity is praised by expert panels, often resulting in prestigious awards, including the IF Design Award, Good Design Award, and Red Dot Design Award, among others.