LED lamps are versatile, energy-efficient and have been known to outlast some marriages. No wonder we at Delta Light are so fond of how they light up lives over the long-term. Only after an extensive testing procedure do they leave our factory. So they do exactly what they are supposed to do: provide years of pleasing, durable products that are the light of your life…although we hope your marriages provide that, too. 

The right look

No two LED fixtures are the same. Delta Light's designs might look simple on the outside, but beneath the glass is a bursting technological tour de force. By integrating specific reflectors and lenses into the design, they provide exactly the right light beams and light temperatures. Are you looking for a certain lighting because you want to create a particular atmosphere? Do you need lights that evoke a feeling? Then LED will help you do exactly that. No matter how tricky the project, we’ll gladly help you find your lighting unicorn.

Our LED collections

Delta Light started working with LED technology around the time that dinosaurs went extinct. Well, maybe a little later than that, but we were certainly early adopters of the technology. We launched our first LED collection in 2000, and since then, it’s gradually taken on a more prominent role in the company. We’re led by LED. Today, we continue to discover new ways of incorporating LED technology into our innovative lighting creations.

LED for life

Choosing LEDs is a sustainable choice: they consume very little energy and burn almost as long as the legendary Olympic torch. Delta Light LED light fixtures are extra durable because we always prioritise quality, which we also continually cross-check and test. Not compromising on quality and design ensures that our LED lamps never become too hot: good for an optimal lifespan and preservation of light intensity. Nevertheless, we see to it that the LEDs are easily replaceable if they do happen to go out. After all, when it comes to sustainability over the long-term, we like looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.