Would you like to join a team of colleagues who are lit up by what they do? Then you’ve definitely come to the right place! At Delta Light, we create positive vibes during work and encourage our employees to switch off after. We strive for innovation and quality in everything we do, whether it’s taking collective action to support a good cause or celebrating our successes by throwing a stellar party. Want to step into the limelight with us?


Fun on and off the job is important to us! That is why each team can organise its own activity every year. It's also possible to do this together with another department! As long as we can connect with each other, and create good memories, we're all for it.

Global sales meeting

All sales leaders worldwide meet annually at HQ to brainstorm strategic topics, and work together on the organisation's sales challenges. They also share their experiences, learn from each other and can personally evolve in their roles as leaders.

Visits customers - events - fairs

Customers from all countries are invited to HQ to visit our showroom and production site. We often attend specific trade fairs. These are excellent moments to connect with our customers, but also with other colleagues.

Delta Squad - C-cup

The Delta Squad consists of HQ colleagues from different departments. They encourage all colleagues to work out, adopt a more healthy lifestyle, support good causes and think/act more sustainably. We also hand out quarterly compliments to our colleagues worldwide, and highlight our top performers!