The Delta Light R&D department is the central current of our business, where technology and creativity ignite. Each new Delta Light product is created there, by our team of top engineers and designers. These switched-on individuals create innovative, quality lighting collections time and time again.

From idea to market

At Delta Light, we like to keep the journey from product idea to market as short as possible. When it comes to the development process, we prefer going fast, being efficient and getting it right the first time around. That’s why we use advanced development techniques such as 3D printing and FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) to spot potential problems or weak points early on in the R&D phase.

Everything in the name of quality

Our products then undergo an extensive testing phase in our own test laboratory. Throughout the entire production process, Delta Light applies the strictest criteria to ensure quality. Doing so makes it possible to bring products to market that exceed customer expectations. Delta Light's creativity is recognised worldwide. We have already taken home several prestigious awards such as the Red Dot Award, iF Design Awards and the Good Design Award.

Driven by innovation

High-tech, elegant and seemingly simple: that’s what turns us on. Design, technology and innovation have been the guiding light of our company since we first began business. Our R&D team is led (and LED) by trends in architecture, the latest technological developments and market demands. Before a new product is given the green light to go to market, the design and production teams balance form, material, functionality, flexibility and technology in their creations. The result? A growing collection of timeless light fixtures with immense added value for everyone who sells, orders, installs and enjoys these lights.

Intellectual property rights

To protect our image and to respect the loyalty of our customers, Delta Light is actively pursuing and holding liable all manufacturers and distributors of imitations. By doing so, Delta Light is seeing to it that all offenders immediately cease the production, sale, use, promotion, distribution and trade of copies of Delta Light products. Delta Light applies this strict policy worldwide to enforce the exclusivity of its designs by all legal means possible. Have you seen (or do you think you’ve seen) faux versions of Delta Light products anywhere? Please contact us at so we can continue to uphold the standards of quality and fairness on behalf of our customers.