Indirect lighting provides a pleasant ambience and allows you to frame the room with light. Architectural forms can be reinforced and heavy or cumbersome constructions can be toned down thanks to the floating effect, so that all the elements come into their own. Creating long and shadow-free indirect lighting strings gives rise to an extra sense of spaciousness.

In order to combine the limited functionality with energy conservation, fluorescent lamps or led strips are used with indirect lighting. When opting for indirect lighting you have a choice between using bare sources of light or a customised profile in which the source of light is processed. Bare sources of light are cheaper, but apart from that a profile has several advantages. For example, a profile ensures that the lamp stays free of moisture, dust, and dirt, the casing serves as a cooling element for the lamp, the customised product and pre-assembly ensure faster and simpler installation, and it is easy to ensure a perfect lighting string with no shadows. This latter benefit is absolutely essential for providing real added value.

Delta Light has various possibilities in its collection using both led and fluorescence lamps for use along walls, ceilings or floors. The most recent and striking newcomer in this segment is the Borderline, a led recessed profile of the new generation, which will soon establish itself as the standard in the indirect lighting segment par excellence. The Borderline can be used for both wall and ceiling recess and has a striking trimless finish, yet is simple to install and finish. It is available with RGB, warm white, or cold white leds. A contemporary solution for indirect lighting with an exceptional eye for architectural detail.