Are you looking for support or advice for your lighting project? The Delta Light experts are happy to help you find the best solution, even for the most complex projects. This allows you to get the very best and most beautiful effect with our light creations.

Magic with light

As an architect or interior designer, you can use light to enhance your design. This will give your clients the Pure Lighting Pleasure that Delta Light is dedicated to. However, finding the right lighting for each project is not always easy. Trends in led, smart lighting and built-in technology offer amazing possibilities but sometimes cause major challenges. Delta Light is committed to giving you practical, aesthetic and technological advice.

Lighting advice

We are driven by the fact that light changes the perception of space and architecture. This is why we have created an international team of lighting advisors to support lighting designers, architects, interior designers, partners and customers worldwide. Our lighting advisors have extensive knowledge and experience to answer your questions on lighting technology, selecting the right light fixtures for the right lighting effect for the right application in the right market. Our team is able to create a variety of documentation in order to assist you in displaying your lighting ideas and present these to your clients.

Project management

Delta Light Project Management Division is made up of a group of consultants with advanced  knowledge and expertise in the lighting field. Together with our Project Managers around the world, they provide the perfect support for architects and designers looking to  achieve the best possible results in their projects. With this in mind, they  might also require a certain level of customisation to complete the design. Bespoke does not only mean to provide a tailor-made solution. Knowing how to create the best product for each customer to suit all their needs in the best possible way means Bespoke.

The Project Management Division with its international presence is also the perfect partner for those Key Accounts who are looking to expand their architectural concept worldwide and to achieve in each country the goal of an ideal lighting proposal to enhance their projects.

What can we do for you?

Delta Light can give you advice and help you choose the right light fixture in the early stages of a project. You can always call our consultants to ask any technical questions about indoor or outdoor lighting. We are even available for logistical support.