Sensors and connectivity in Soliscape

In a world that is in a state of constant evolution, where cutting edge technology brings new ways of interacting and experiencing, we know that the physical need for buildings to live and work in will remain. Rather than staying static, buildings evolve towards becoming a reflection of what humans crave in their daily lives and a response to many new economic, environmental and social movements.

Office buildings have throughout the years gone through many transformations. From the large private offices to the private, enclosed workstations to the recent opening up of the office, encouraging collaborative work. Headquarters have dematerialized over time, now being split between the office, the home and third places.

With Soliscape, UNStudio and Delta Light aim to create sensor-based environments that respond, learn and adjust to people’s daily activities, taking smart buildings towards responsive architecture through a system that allows people intuitive control and personalisation of space.

The sensor: is it getting hot in here?

The Soliscape system includes a sensor module that enables the creation of user-centric spaces, Soli-Sense. The intention is to create flexible lightscapes that are responsive to the user’s ever-changing needs and activities, where design is no longer imposed by the designers, but guided by the user, resulting in responsive and adaptive design. light in service of wellbeing.

The Soli-Sense sensor offers 3 different degrees of control. From a smart light control system to an all-encompassing condition control system, to regulate movement, luminescence, humidity, temperature and air quality. With added voice control and building management system connections, the Soli-Sense system allows extensive personalisation.

3 sensor systems for various degrees of control

Soli-Sense. Light control

Equipped with a DALI sensor, the Soli-Sense system offers light regulation based on movement and light level. The system allows motion detection and daylight-based control. You could for instance set up a desired amount of lux on the tabletop, and the DALI sensor will adjust the luminesce of the Soliscape lighting modules throughout the day.

Soli-Sense. Light control + Reporting on temperature, humidity and air quality

A wireless sensor, combined with our Smart 48 system allows you to control the lighting modules in your Soliscape, using the CTRL DELTA by Casambi app. The system offers lighting control and motion presence functions. On top of that, it registers and can report on temperature, humidity and air quality.

Soli-Sense + IoT. Voice command + Full control of light, temperature, humidity and air quality

Q Dim present you with the most flexible setup for connectivity. The ‘Q sensor’ can register and control 5 different elements: movement, luminescence, humidity, temperature and air quality. Depending on your wishes various scenarios are possible to respond to and regulate these elements in the environment. It allows voice control and it connects to your building management system.

Voice control: hey, Google

Add voice control to your Soliscape system by attaching the module Soli-Voice and a Google Nest Mini smart speaker. It allows you to share voice commands with Google. Simply start off with: “Hey, Google,” and add your question or command.

At your instruction, the system can perform a wide range of pre-set voice commands. Depending on your building management system settings, that can go as far as controlling the blinds, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning in the space.

Technical information on Soli-Voice is coming soon. Stay tuned.

Connect Soliscape to your building management system

Is your building equipped with a building management system? Soliscape and its modules can connect to the system. This opens a wide range of possibilities. The sensors, luminaires and voice control modules then become an integral part of your building management system.

This opens up possibilities to control the entire light setting, heating, humidity and air-conditioning in the room through voice command. You could create a range of pre-set atmospheres or lighting scenes for your space, from bright to intimate, by controlling the lighting of Soliscape as well as the blinds in the room,

Automated settings are an option as well. When the CO2 level surpasses a certain level, the ventilation system could be automatically activated. When the natural light surpasses a certain brightness, the blinds could come down, in turn activating Soliscape to heighten its luminesce, as a minimum lumen value for the desk area can be programmed.