Commotie (BE)

After 2 successful pop-ups in Kortrijk and in Ghent, chef Thomas Gellynck and Sommelier Lara De Vlieger decided to open a permanent location on the outskirts of Ghent, in the green, with the best of both worlds.
In the open kitchen we find home-grown herbs, organic, local products and wines with low invention.
The chef regularly cooks on an open fire, creating a unique experience and sharing his vision of purity.

Together with their architect Merijn Degraeve they opted for a Japanese minimalist design, the Wabi Sabi atmosphere with many natural and rough elements.
Surrounded by greenery and a forest, nature and silence became the greatest sources of inspiration.
Natural materials such as concrete, wood, lime, cork and natural stone had to receive the greatest attention, showing as little difference as possible between the outside and inside.

Technical matters such as the lighting fixtures had to remain in the background as much as possible.
Miniature luminaires were selected and given the color of the background, resulting in a sublime atmosphere, especially during the evening shift.

"In my opinion, and based on the enthusiastic reactions of the visitors, we have succeeded perfectly in translating the interior into what you get served on the plate." says Merijn Degraeve.
Restaurant Commotie
Interior design
Merijn Degraeve
Lighting design
Julian Langeraert (Alfalicht Gent)
Pieter D'Hoop
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