The Soft Ceiling© concept offers numerous possibilities for the integration of architectural lighting. It will be possible to create discreet, but diverse lighting schemes with just one type of luminaire. It enables architects and designers to work with a variety of lighting applications, light beams and power levels, with unobtrusive and non-glare luminaires for a ceiling with a clear sight-line. With Trimless Suspension and Connection sets, the ceiling image can be further refined. The large number of options makes it possible to work with a Soft Ceiling© fixture throughout the project and meet the different needs of each room, without ruining the look of the ceiling.


iMax II symbolizes Soft Ceiling© perfectly. Its understated look, but capable functionality is a perfect fit for a minimal appearance philosophy. On top of that, the iMax II offers maximum visual comfort, this thanks to its recessed LED engine, precise optics and superior light control. iMax II, just like other Soft Ceiling© solutions, tightly follows the second evolution in optics: precision and better control.

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NIME - Design by Dean Skira

Invisible, yet tangible. The effect is there, but where does it come from? With a miniature aperture of only 10mm, Nime focuses on what is important and puts it in the spotlight. It’s not about Nime, it’s about what Nime can do. The combination of its focusable beam angle together with its adjustability allows for a multitude of application possibilities, while maintaining a uniform look and feel throughout the project.

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Within our extensive range of downlights, we strive as much as possible for seamless ceiling integration. As such, we have trimless installation options for a list of ceiling types, from concrete to stretched ceilings. Soft Ceiling® without limits.

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The strive for a visual calm ceiling can also be found in Splitline and magnetic profile solutions. Here we can discretely put a lot of lighting power in a small, but aesthetically pleasing, visual footprint. On top of that we can also hide lighting sensors and other technical nuisances that aren’t complimentary to the lighting design and architectural vision.

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The Trimless Suspension solutions enable a discreet installation of suspension cables and power cables, either separate or a combination of both. Either for profiles or pendant lamps, with single or multiple current supplies and suspension points, Delta Light’s trimless suspension kit offers a minimal appearance and clean ceiling appearance.

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