Where the initial evolution in LED and optics focused on better output, smaller chips and longer lifetime, the second evolution is again shifting to user comfort with more precise
optics and better light control. As the purpose of the iMax II family is to provide the best visual comfort to the user - thanks to its recessed LED engine - this range is perfect to
build further on this evolution: improved efficiency, improved beam angles and the possibility to combine all versions as they use uniform LED engines.

The iMax II range combines premium LED engines with precise optics, delivering high performance, maximum efficacy and high quality illumination.
iMax II is using lenses out of plexiglass HW55, a material able to withstand high temperatures and allowing lumen packages up to 2000lm. Next to the high output, the lenses allow for a perfect control of the beam angle and a high uniformity on the light
emitting surface, which results in reduced glare.
Furthermore, if a different beam angle is required, the lenses can easily be interchanged.

To offer even more flexibility and design freedom to the lighting designer, a range of light refining accessories is available to alter the light effect to the specific needs of the setting. A honeycomb to further minimize the direct glare from the light source, a sandblasted glass to create a diffuse general light effect and 3 specific lenses to either create a more oval or a wider light distribution or to smoothen the edges and create a softer transition.

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