Two types of stretch ceiling

There are two different types of stretch ceilings: cold and warm. The difference is in the material of the ceiling: either PVC or polyester foil.

Warm stretch ceilings:  PVC

To install a PVC foil stretch ceiling, the room is heated up to about 50°C to be able to attach the foil. Once the room cools down, the result is a perfect ceiling.

Cold stretch ceiling: polyester

On the other hand, there is the cold stretch ceiling in polyester.  Polyester foil is installed without heating up, hence its name.

What luminaires are available for stretch ceilings?

Surface mounted

Surface mounted luminaires, such as our Boxy L, offer a very easy installation on a stretch ceiling. For surface mounted lighting, an MDF plate is placed behind the stretch ceiling. Once the foil is installed,  the luminaires are attached to the MDF plate with screws.

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Recessed with a trim

To install recessed luminaires with a trim, a similar MDF plate is used. In the MDF plate cut-outs for the recessed luminaires are created. Once the stretch ceiling is installed, the foil is cut open and attached to plate and the luminaire is added.

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Recessed trimless with our kits

Recessed trimless luminaires offer a challenge for stretch ceilings. To answer to this need we developed a range of kit solutions. These new kits now offer a flush installation for cold and warm stretch ceilings, for trimless solutions such as iMax and Tweeter.


Even profiles can be installed in stretch ceilings. The ceiling is prepared with a wooden construction that has an opening the size of the profile. The stretch ceiling foil is then attached along the opening. Finally the profile is added and a flush look is created. This is possible with a wide range of our profile solutions, such as Streamliner.

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Special requests

On our website you’ll find a range of luminaires available for stretch ceilings, but special request are possible as well. Our recessed luminaires in our Supernova and Super-Oh! product families can also be installed in stretch ceilings. Get in touch for special requests for stretch ceiling lighting solutions. Reach out to your sales representative or complete our contact form.

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