Since we started business in 1989, Delta Light has quickly grown into an international designer and manufacturer of architectural lighting. But we haven’t forgotten our roots: we’re still a proud Belgian family business to this day. Together with our customers and partners, we are committed to creativity, quality and sustainability in everything we do.

  1. 1974 to 1988: the disco years

    It all started when Paul Ameloot opened Stereo House in Roeselare, Belgium: a hi-fi store that delivered sound systems. Because of the growing popularity of disco movies starring John Travolta, there was a lot of demand for additional lighting in nightclubs. The focus began to shift from sound to light, and the flicker of an idea is formed.

  2. A flying start

    Paul Ameloot founds Delta Light in 1989. Together with his team, he develops the first light fixture, the 'Phantom'. The company grows and Delta Light is soon active in more than 50 countries. 

  3. Foundation Delta Light Germany

  4. Delta Light exports to 22 countries & Foundation of Delta Light UK

  5. The Lighting Bible

    Publication of the first Lighting Bible, a complete catalogue published every other year that also provides an overview of the latest Delta Light projects around the world. The Lighting Bible becomes a reference guide and source of inspiration for the international lighting industry.

  6. Opening of Delta Light’s first showroom & foundation of Denmark & Switzerland

  7. Foundation of Delta Light Spain, Italy & France

  8. Foundation of Delta Light Asia

  9. House of Light

    Delta Light steps into the spotlight as a world player. In 2006, we open in the North American market, Czech Republic & Slovakia and, a year later, the Middle East and North Africa also join our growing list of markets.

    In 2006, Delta Light takes another important step: moving its headquarters to a brand new building called 'The House of Light'. In addition to offices and a production department, the headquarters houses a spacious showroom, storage areas, testing and certification laboratories and a training centre. It radiates community. 

  10. Worldwide growth

    Delta Light's international operations continue to spread. In 2009, a South American subsidiary with offices and a showroom in Bogota, Colombia opens. Later Delta Light REEMA (Russia, Middle East and Eastern Europe) is also launched. In this way, we can guarantee an even better service to local partners and architects in every region we operate. 

    Delta Light’s light continues to spread: it’s now active in more than 120 countries around the world. Through our network of Delta Light showrooms and offices we leave a light on in key design cities such as Milan, London, Miami, LA, Paris, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Dubai and New York.

  11. Foundation of Delta Light REEMA (Russia, Middle East and Eastern Europe) & Canada

  12. Delta Light Group

    After a number of strategic acquisitions, Delta Light Group is established. Besides the Delta Light brand, the group also offers the lighting brands AQForm and LEDsGo. 

    It makes our international market position even stronger.   
    In 2022 Delta Light Group acquires American Lambent Lighting Group and its brands LF Illumination, Delray, VLT and Softform. With this acquisition of the North American sector partner, Delta Light confirms the ambition as a family company to become a dominant global player in architectural lighting.

  13. Peter and Jan Ameloot

    Paul Ameloot remains present as an inspiration, but the management of Delta Light is today in the hands of the next generation: Peter and Jan Ameloot. The torch has been passed and still burns brightly.