With the right lighting, you can make a building speak. Delta Light designs, develops and produces quality lighting that finishes architecture’s sentences. Light and architecture are like a good couple: they highlight each other’s strengths and make sure they show each other off in their best light. Our refined signature designs create that extra class, style and atmosphere: Lighting that brings a space – and people – together.

Quality in the palm of our hands

Delta Light makes lighting that turns your quality of life up a notch. Whatever your style, the Delta Light collection has something for everyone: there are 660 product categories with thousands of different options, and we’re continuously growing and trend-setting: custom profiles, recessed or surface mounted spotlights, eye-catching lighting objects, pendant and wall fixtures for design-conscious customers and extensive outdoor lighting options. Each Delta Light product is born at our Belgian headquarter. From design and development, to prototyping and manufacturing, to packaging and storage, it all happens here. This enables us to take care of all the production processes and the final product fully on our own.

Design and development with passion

Innovation, design and technology have been the driving forces behind Delta Light since the very beginning. Our passionate design and R&D team is constantly looking for new ideas and original ways to use materials and technologies. In this way, they succeed time and again in designing a collection of timeless, elegant and stunning lighting fixtures. Subtle blending architecture, technology and design, Delta Light is the perfect choice for the most daring and cutting-edge projects be it in homes, stores, reception areas, showrooms, hospitality areas or offices. Delta Light creates whatever glow or gleam you’re looking for.

Sustainability and social engagement

At Delta Light, we’re very aware of the ecological and social impact we can have as an organization. Therefore, we try to make our products and processes as climate-friendly and sustainable as possible. Our products are a sustainable choice in themselves due to their energy efficiency, long life and reusable parts. In addition, our production runs on solar panels and we ensure that our raw materials are recycled. We want to push this approach even further. A healthy and safe working environment is also part of our vision of sustainability, as well as being a good commitment to the wellbeing of our employees. Sustainability goes beyond our four company walls, and travels at the speed of light.

A stimulating work environment

In Belgium, and the world over, Delta Light strives to be an exemplary employer; the kind of employer that people are proud to have because of how they’re treated and how good it feels to work here. We know that it’s in everyone’s best interest to create a working environment where people feel at home and get the opportunity to develop their talents. We put as much effort into creating a warm, open community atmosphere as we do making the perfect lights to suit each and every person, place or thing. We don’t do hierarchy, unless it’s for a lighting grid.

Our ambition is to optimise every step of our HR processes and to put people first. In this way, we form a strong and enthusiastic team that wants to bring pure lighting pleasure to the world.

Our history

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