However you look at it, Octav draws the attention. Its design catches the eye, and after a first glimpse for sure you will be intrigued to look at it again. Depending on the inclination angle of the adjustable spotlight, other design elements stand out. Be it the squared design that is in complete contrast with the rounded back part, creating some visual tension. Or be it the details on how the hinge is being camouflaged inside the body, nearly invisible yet very functional. Or be it the optical compartment, hidden away comfortably into the spotlight, unobtrusive
for the eye.

As an extreme flexible spotlight, Octav comes in 2 sizes and multiple installation possibilities: semi-recessed, as a single or double surface mounted unit or as module to fit into our magnetic profiles.
With up to 5 different finishing colours and 3 beam angles, Octav is highly applicable in residential and hospitality surroundings.

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