A variety in shapes and optics

Nocta is a range of full IP65 wall fixtures that exemplifies the perfect fusion of form and function. With four types of optics to choose from, Nocta offers versatility in design, available in either a cylindrical or cubical shape, with options for down or down-up light emission. The cubical version also features a wider brother with double light beams, adding a decorative touch to the wall lighting.

Despite its compact size, Nocta boasts several functional design elements that are common across all its variations, defining its unique character. At the front, Nocta features a raised collar that enhances visual comfort for passers-by, while at the back, the collar is cleverly designed with a moon-shaped cut-out to allow excess water to drain, ensuring optimal performance in all weather conditions. Moreover, this cut-out allows the light to directly hit the wall on which Nocta is mounted, resulting in a perfect light effect that enhances the overall aesthetic.

Installation of Nocta is made easy with its thoughtful design. It features space for an integrated DALI power supply, allowing for seamless integration into a larger lighting system. The down-up versions also offer the option for looping through, simplifying wiring and installation. Furthermore, Nocta features an internal connector, saving time during installation.

With its four different light effects, Nocta offers a wide range of options for designers. The spot version provides powerful and slender streaks of light, while the wide flood version creates a single or double V-shaped light effect. The very wide flood option delivers a distinctive delineated output on the wall, while the wider Nocta with double-shaped beams adds a playful touch to the lighting design.

In summary, Nocta is a versatile range of wall fixtures that seamlessly blends form and function. With its variety of optics, installation benefits, and futureproof design, Nocta offers a multitude of options for designers to create unique and captivating lighting effects for architectural spaces.

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