Logic 190R

Expanding on our existing floor recessed range of Logic luminaires, we are proud to introduce Logic 190 R and Logic Linear. With these additions, we are widening the range of applications from residential to more commercial settings, making Logic 190 R and Logic Linear fully adaptable to a variety of environments.

Innovation in design is at the forefront of Logic 190 R. With its fully adjustable features, there is no need to open the fixture for on-site adjustments. It can be easily rotated 360° and tilted up to 25°, without the risk of water or dust ingress. What's more, it can be adjusted even when installed into the floor, allowing for precise alignment of light effects on the architecture. The flange is tightened from below, leaving only minimal visible screws on top, reducing the risk of galvanic corrosion and ensuring a seamless design and functionality integration.

Smart design is also a key aspect of Logic 190 R. By reusing existing building blocks such as LED engine, optics, and accessories from the Frax family, our range of exterior projectors, we create a uniform look and feel for the end-user while optimizing the internal supply chain for product assembly. Furthermore, the building blocks of Logic 190 R are designed with future updates in mind, including the potential integration of Tunable White or RGBW LEDs, new optics, or installation in new materials, showcasing our commitment to forward-thinking design and innovation.

Quality is paramount in Logic 190 R. Designed to last, it boasts durable materials, components, and assembly methods. An integrated moisture lock prevents water ingress from below, while in-house designed gaskets prevent water ingress from above, making it fully IP67 rated. The stainless steel flange ensures an IK10 value, and the integrated DALI driver allows for dimming and adaptability to specific project needs. The standard Logic 190 R comes with 0.5m of cable and an integrated IP68 connector for easy and waterproof installation.

The quality of light emitted by Logic 190 R is equally impressive. Precise optics minimize unwanted spill of light, and individual collimator lenses reduce glare. Accessories are available to further refine the light or improve visual comfort, making Logic 190 R a powerful lighting tool.

In line with our family thinking approach, Logic 190 R is also available in a fixed version for more straightforward installations. A range of optics, including 8°, 14°, 26°, 47°, and wallwash, are applicable, catering to various lighting requirements. To complete the range, a linear version is available in the same design language, offering wall-grazing options to highlight vertical structured surfaces at night. Additionally, Logic 190 R is also available as a reflector version with a single COB, offering smooth beam projections without unwanted disturbances, and comes in three different beam angles and a honeycomb version for improved visual comfort.

With Logic 190 R and Logic Linear, we are proud to offer a comprehensive and versatile lighting solution that combines innovation in design, smart thinking, quality, and family thinking. Elevate your lighting experience with Logic luminaires.

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Drawing on the same principles of innovation as the Logic 190 R, the Logic Linear range of luminaires offers additional options for linear uplighting, providing versatility and flexibility for a variety of architectural applications. Whether used as individual projectors or installed in a continuous line, Logic Linear is the ideal choice for illuminating facades or other structural elements, adding a touch of sophistication and depth to the overall design.

One of the key features of Logic Linear is its wallgrazing optics, which allow for precise and focused lighting on vertical surfaces, accentuating the texture and details of the structure. This creates a dynamic and vibrant effect that enhances the visual appeal of the architecture and brings it to life, making it a captivating sight for passers-by.

In addition to its wallgrazing capabilities, Logic Linear also offers three symmetrical beams, providing further flexibility in terms of lighting design. Moreover, an internal accessory is available to improve the visual comfort for pedestrians and users, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Designed to withstand the elements, Logic Linear comes with options for front cover materials, including powder-painted aluminium in Dark Grey or the durable Inox cover for harsh environments. This allows for customization based on the specific installation location and requirements, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

Installation of Logic Linear is made easy with its integrated power supply and pre-installed IP68-connector, facilitating seamless in-ground installation. This ensures a clean and tidy appearance without the hassle of exposed wires or connectors, adding to the overall aesthetics of the lighting solution.

In summary, Logic Linear builds on the success of Logic 190 R, offering additional options for linear uplighting with its wallgrazing optics, symmetrical beams, and customizable front cover materials. Designed for durability and ease of installation, Logic Linear is the perfect choice for enhancing the visual appeal of architectural structures and creating a captivating lighting experience.

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