Verudela Art Park (HR)

The Verudela Art Park is a new artistic attraction in Pula, Croatia. The new park is located on 5,500 m2 of land in Verudela, featuring a number of sculptures and installations, catering not only for art lovers to enjoy the variety of sculptures but for people of all ages who can relax and walk around the park.
The Verudela Art Park’s lighting design goes beyond the principles of landscape illumination, which basically presupposes the creation of a visual balance between light and shade in a strong contrast environment, a space that doesn’t have a strong reflection effect as in an interior.
In this case, besides the verticals of the horticulture and the horizontal surface of the earth, it was necessary to emphasize the sculptures of the artists, while at the same time pointing out the lines of the Corten that intersects the topographically demanding terrain. In addition to this, it was important to ensure the safe movement of visitors at night while their visual experience of the park is perceived as a whole, for which it was necessary to illuminate not only the park but also the pedestrian paths around the park and a part of the near forest.
14 Polesano poles were installed together with accompanying 56 lamps combining street, flood and spot optics independently directed to different positions from one point while the central control system allows the scenography to be dynamic. Although sculptures are the most important part of the park, architecture and light in this case are no less important at night.

'It is difficult to sum up all the elements of this demanding lighting project in a few words, but the most important thing is that we’ve managed to materialize my philosophy and design approach, that light is not important for the architecture itself, but for the people who live or stay in it, which is judging by the reactions and the number of people who visit the park each night, successfully achieved.' explains Dean Skira.
Dino Krizmanić, Leonid Zuban (Urbis)
Lighting design
Dean Skira
public buildings