Hari's Hairdressers (GB)

London-based visionary hair salon Hari’s Hairdressers recently opened a new flagship store on Fulham Road, bringing its total number of salons up to four.

Architectural firm Clarisford were appointed to design the salon which embraces innovative design, state-of-the-art technology, and a botanical-inspired philosophy. The company believes the salon stays true to its classic, luxury roots which date back to 1976 when owner Hari Salem opened his first standalone salon.

Clarisford’s Senior Architect, Ultan Foley explains ‘When Clarisford were approached by Hari to design a new flagship salon we had to think carefully about what the style, vibe and atmosphere we wanted the aesthetic to provide. Hari has built up a hugely successful enterprise over the past 40 years, over which time he has developed a loyal following of clients. One day whilst walking down King’s Road with Hari I was astonished as every second person, young and old, stopped to say hi to him. Clients go to Hari for his talent but also for his engaging, eclectic and quirky personality. It was from this moment I knew the salon had to represent Hari’s personality in all forms, it could not be boring’.

‘We approached the interior design in a series of layers; the background would be contemporary, clean lines, concrete flooring, exposed services, acid washed metal work and overlaid on this we utilised antique Indian furniture in places to provide depth and texture throughout the salon. We were also able to open the rear of the shop with a huge lantern rooflight under which we incorporated natural planting to provide a calm oasis’.

‘When considering the lighting, we naturally approached Delta Light, they are one of the few manufacturers whose fittings can achieve a CRI of over 90 which is essential for hair colouring. Delta Light fittings are also beautifully crafted, understated and blend in excellently with the overall design of the salon.”

Once involved in the project, Delta Light worked with the Clarisford team and their design to provide high-quality fittings, with a focus on aesthetics to complement the look and feel of the salon. The modern style of the fittings contrasted beautifully with the traditional décor to deliver character, with the industrial quality harmonising with the antique retro style. To guarantee colour stability and accuracy, a critical factor in a hairdressing salons lighting, all products supplied were of CRI 90 and above, which is the standard for Delta Light.

Delta Light provided all the salon’s ambient lighting, with some decorative Murano glass chandeliers supplied personally by the client, Hari. Products specified and fitted include the Mini Diro Trimless, which has been installed into the aluminium panel exposed ceiling, delivering an appealing and chic solution. The green leafy wall was accentuated using the Midispy track spotlights, complementing the natural vibe further. On the lower level of the salon, which lacks any natural daylight, Delta Light’s Super-Oh Trimless fitting offers uniformity and a perfectly balanced light output, with the circle of LED’s providing an impressive diffuse lighting effect throughout the salons lower level.

With further salon transformations ahead, Delta Light is delighted to have been part of the project and looks forward to working with Hari and the Clarisford team again in the future.
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Hari's Hairdresser