Cute outside, functional inside

Introducing Obin, a cutting-edge lighting solution that embodies our commitment to quality and innovation.  Based on the patented ERS (Ex-Centriq Rotation System) and equipped with flat lenses, Obin fuses ultimate flexibility with supreme user comfort in a minimalistic surface mounted lighting fixture. 

By adjusting the rounded backside - using the ERS system - Obin is 360° rotatable and 45° tiltable without the need of an additional hinge. On the frontside, the sleek lenses create a sense of depth without the need of real physical space. 

Combining both results in free space on the inside to house a DALI power supply, perfect for an easy individual controllable surface mounted lighting scheme.

Obin comes as a single or double surface mounted unit or as module to install on our magnetic profiles. While the double versions comes in Black or White, the single spotlight is available in our delicate finishes Brushed Grey, Brushed Copper, Brushed Gold, Brushed Old Bronze and Brushed Anthracite and, easily adding refinement to any room. To further improve on visual comfort, Obin can be provided with a honeycomb to reduce any rebundant glare to a minimum.

Whether you are looking to create a subtle and sophisticated ambiance in a residential space, or in need of a functional and versatile lighting solution for a hospitality project, Obin has you covered.

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