Expanding on the original "full-option" Nime, the range now boasts an array of extended versions and features, catering to various lighting needs. Building on its signature 10mm opening, Nime now offers adjustable options with or without trim, as well as a fix version that seamlessly disappears into the ceiling, creating a sleek and unobtrusive lighting solution.

Nime II takes it a step further, incorporating Bartenbach lenses for enhanced performance. With beam angles of 35° or 52°, Nime II ensures precise light distribution with minimal glare. The lens design allows all light arrays emitted from the LED to converge at a single point in the middle of the 10mm opening, preventing any spillage or illumination of the ceiling, thus maintaining a clean and seamless appearance.

Nime II is not only simply a lighting option, but also a versatile light unit in our ▲IR range, combining lighting and ventilation in one system. This unique toolset provides a holistic solution for lighting and air circulation, seamlessly meeting the needs of various environments.

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