Leveraging the advanced Melanopic Light Technology and low-glare optics from Inform, the Inform 40 is the larger sibling in the family with its dimensions of 42 by 48mm. With fixed lengths of up to 3.2m and the capability to hold up to 4 clusters of light, this profile is ideal for use as a single or double task light for desks.

The Inform 40 is a technical marvel, boasting a melanopic enhanced spectrum, hybrid optics for precise light control and color mixing, optimized LED positioning for task lighting, and integrated presence and daylight sensors. Like its smaller counterpart, the Inform SQ, the Inform 40 features LEDs with increased energy in the cyan region, promoting daytime alertness and supporting natural sleep patterns at night.

The dedicated optic design of the Inform 40 ensures user comfort, with each optic embracing a single LED and shielding it from direct glare. Placing the LEDs and optics on the sides of the profile and leaving a blindspot in front of the user minimizes glare to enhance visual comfort, making the Inform 40 perfect for various settings such as open offices, reception desks, or home offices.

Adding to its versatility, the Inform 40 also offers Tunable White solutions, allowing for simulation of natural daylight and bringing the outdoors inside, a proven method to energize the body during the day.

The Inform 40 is available in direct, direct-indirect, and indirect lighting options, and comes with a DALI controlled power supply hidden within the profile for easy control and dimming of lights either collectively or separately for uplight and downlight. For convenient installation and precise height adjustment, the suspended versions of the Inform 40 feature height regulation on the profile itself.

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