Delta Light HQ showroom 2019 (BE)

2019 is the year we celebrate 30 YEARS of Delta Light. 30 years of striving for product and service excellence. A 30 year young family business, grown from a local Belgian manufacturer to become a global business, providing architectural lighting solutions for small and large projects.
The Delta Light HQ Showroom is undeniably the showcase of the very latest creations. You will discover, among other things, the slender NEEDLE, designed by Niteo Lighting. You will find the slim and playfull LASS-OH that glides through the room as a snake sliding through the greensward. New magnetic profiles which can now be mounted in a matrix web. And in our cosy corner, the whole Reflections range.

The Delta Light showroom is a model of expertise, innovation and creativity. Visiting is experiencing Pure Lighting Pleasure.