Delta Light (DE)

The Delta Light offices and showroom in Germany have been entirely redesigned by ZHAC Architekten. With a conversion, restructuration and introduction of top-level ergonomics, the spaces now represent the contemporary design language of Delta Light and offer a comfortable experience to the Delta Light teams.

Hybrid of showroom and workplace

A differentiated lighting concept transforms the entire building into an attractive hybrid of showroom and workspace. Already in the elegant foyer, a wide variety of luminaires catches the visitor's eye.

They make the fusion of work and presentation immediately tangible and arouse curiosity to explore the other rooms and lighting solutions.

In the spacious reception area, 3 Supernova ceiling luminaires brighten up the space. An additional indirect lighting component is arranged as an aureole around each luminaire, for a unique effect.

A Shiftline profile with adjustable Spy downlights runs along the ceiling of the space. It visually connects the open reception area with the office spaces.

Different lighting scenarios

In the multifunctional lunch room, Splitline profiles are integrated into the black ceiling. The light lines and Spy spotlights mounted on the profiles can be dimmed and switched separately. Thus always providing the right light for different requirements.

This is because the room is also used for events, training courses and product presentations that require different lighting scenarios.

On the upper floor, a bright and pleasant room climate was created by cutting room-high windows into the previously closed concrete facade. For the artificial lighting, DALI-compatible 3-phase tracks were integrated into the acoustic ceiling.

The tracks are fitted with Spy spotlights for directional light and with suspended Streamliner profiles for diffuse light. The black profiles and luminaires create a strong contrast to the white ceiling.

Floating light lines

In the dedicated office spaces, Streamliner profiles are equipped with prismatic covers for standard-compliant glare-free screen work. The use of profile luminaires and track luminaires was a deliberate choice.
That means the luminaires can be replaced quickly and easily with the newest product innovations. In this way it is possible to represent the cutting-edge possibilities of Delta Light in architectural lighting and technical office lighting at any moment.

The conversion of the German office has created a contemporary workplace that meets aesthetic and ergonomic requirements, offering a comfortable working environment for its users.

At the same time, it has become a stage for the architectural lighting of Delta Light. Visitors are welcome to take a look around the office, to learn more about the lighting applications and to get inspired by the interior.
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