Entero is a set of lighting tools enabling architects and designers to create discrete but diverse lighting schemes, using only one luminaire type throughout the entire project.
Any project. Retail, residential, public, hospitality, art… Any need.
Any size. Anywhere.
It is the most complete family, created to excel in any environment

Inside. Outside.
Entero is engineered to perfection, both for interior and exterior applications. It enables architects and designers to achieve style continuity throughout the entire project, applying the same clean sightlines and minimal appearance to damp locations, outside ceilings and cantilevers.

Intense Energy.
Entero was designed as an answer to the energy of creation. Crafted to add value to spaces and experiences, bringing intensity to lighting schemes. A fusion of power and elegance, comfort and precision.
One single range of luminaires to illuminate with power or for atmosphere, from low and high.

Furthermore Entero can also be used as light unit in our ▲IR range, a toolset that combines light and ventilation in one.

Key features

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