Villa P - Como Lake (IT)

Situated in a wonderful natural landscape (the Como Lake), the main task of this lighting project was to create a unique identity for the exterior, taking into consideration the specific needs of all its different zones.
When guests walk along the paths they are guided by the light through the landscape.
Each fragment is illuminated in a specific way, and all together contribute to form one entity, giving its visitors the feeling of walking into a story that reveals all its hidden parts along the way.
To obtain this effect the garden is divided in three main chapters…. paths, nature and architectural peculiarities, divided but strongly connected with each other. Although the light is focused on the ground or on a statue, it is softly reflected on the surroundings and its natural elements, like bushes or stone surfaces, as such emphasizing the pure beauty and its eco-rich character. At the same time it also facilitates the vision of the night sky and its reflections on the water surface.