Mania-K (BE)

It took 2 years for owners Heidi and Peter to convert this former National Bank building into a new high-end retail concept. The former counter hall was transformed into a luxury clothing store, while the former offices and storage rooms on the first floor were converted into the Mania-K Café, Sports Club and changing rooms. All together an impressive renovation with a very dynamic and trendy vibe.

“For the design I was inspired by hotels in Paris and Milan, places we visit regularly to buy our collections. We wanted to create a place where you want to stay”, says owner Heidi Vandenabeele. Mania-K wants to be more than a nice boutique, by adding the gym and the café, they aim to create a more immersive experience where people like to spend their time, read a newspaper, have lunch with friends or work-out, with or without shopping. The result is an eclectic cocoon in a modern Art Deco style, in which rose, emerald green and gold are combined with white and black walls and marble stone finishes.
A specific eye-catcher is the renovation of the former vault into a walk-in display of shoes and accessories.