1888 Certified (AU)

1888 Certified was born out of a belief that meat lovers care about what they are eating. They want to ensure customers of having the ability to make an informed choice on the food that they are serving family and friends. 1888 Certified meat is sourced from the founders farms and other local Australian farmers. The meat is 100% Grass fed & finished, hormone & antibiotic free. There are no animal meal additives used at any time through the animal’s lives.

Their flagship store is located in Double Bay, one store of more to come that frames the stage for their specialised offering. The design concept considers the story of the owners who are farmers themselves and embraces how they wanted to bring their product to their customers. Their story is one of honesty and integrity, and we drew on these qualities for the interior palette. The materials selected are of the highest standard with an emphasis on craftsmanship. This enables 1888 Certified to showcase the product in the store, which is among the best meat available in Sydney.

On the outside of the store, Delta Light’s ULTRA X wall fixtures have been mounted for upward and downward lighting on the wood walls. Inside the store, multiple You-Turn On fixtures have been placed on the ceiling to illuminate the store and its exclusive meat products.

Design Firm - Tom Mark Henry