Private residence Beverly Hills (US)

Welcome to The Top of Hillcrest, Beverly Hills’ most stunning and cutting edge estate completed in September 2014. From its exquisite design to its breathtaking views, it is an unprecedented multisensory experience from the moment you step foot on this exceptional promontory property. Sitting at approximately 23,000 square feet, this home is a true masterpiece of architectural excellence exhibiting the sharpest attention to fine detail and luxury composition. Every inch is outfitted with a brilliant blend of sophisticated style and comfort of the highest quality set against a backdrop of sweeping panoramic views from Downtown Los Angeles to the shores of Malibu.

A world-class creative team was charged with a mission: to create the single most exciting private home in California. The result is this work of art that thoroughly raises the bar for architecture and design. Simply put, it is a marvelous achievement that redefines today’s luxury home.

Simply put, it is a marvellous achievement that redefines today’s luxury home in which Delta Light was honoured to take part as numerous of our GRID IN and MINI GRID IN products have been used to light up every part of this luxury home in the best way possible.
United States