Only the best will do. With Delta Light products, you know what you're getting, because we make sure that everything meets the highest quality standards, including the materials, the technology and the different steps in the production process.

A passion for quality

At Delta Light, we like to be a leading light in everything we do, but especially when it comes to quality. This is possible because we do everything ourselves: from design to production and quality testing, we control every step in the process.

Light for life

The entire manufacturing process contributes to the durability of our light fixtures. Perfect for customers who are looking for Pure Lighting Pleasure for a long time to come. Many of our product ranges have a special coating that we combine with high-quality alloys and specialty paints. This results in extra durable products.

How to avoid corrosion in outdoor lighting?

Our outdoor lighting receives an extra bit of TLC to prevent oxidation and corrosion. Delta Light uses only the purest aluminium alloys with the lowest possible degree of rusting for its outdoor light fixtures. The protection provided by conversion coatings on all suitable parts, including cast aluminium, enhances the resistance to corrosion. The titanium-based conversion coat offers additional protection prior to the final coat of polyester paint.

Extensive pretreatments

We apply extensive pre-painting surface treatments for maximum protection against corrosion, such as appropriate surface preparation, by etching, rinsing with demineralised water to remove residues, and applying a chemical conversion treatment to protect against rusting. 

Resistance to ageing and UV

The polyester powder coating of our light fixtures is based on saturated polyester resins, applied electrostatically and cured in an oven at 200°. This guarantees high resistance to atmospheric ageing and exposure to UV light. All this so that in the cold light of day, the light you see is perfect in every way. 

Optimal durability

Coating is an essential step in the production process, as it largely determines the ultimate service life of our light fixtures. Therefore, all coating procedures at Delta Light also involve automatic process controls and daily quality tests. We constantly carry out strict checks on the various parameters in each step of the process, such as purity, pH, chemical concentrations and temperature. This ensures that the conversion coat is formed in the best possible way, guaranteeing optimum corrosion resistance and powder coating adhesion. Finally, the quality of the materials, process and finishing layers is checked by filiform corrosion tests that last up to 1.000 hours.