Delta Light's headquarters wears many hats...or should we say light fixtures. Besides being a commercial, educational and creative guiding light where sparks fly, it’s also where our logistical operations take place. When our light fixtures are ready to be shipped, they leave from here ready to light up our customers' lives wherever they happen to be in the world.

Large stock of parts and semi-finished products

We live by this maxim: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That’s why we keep a large stock of things such as fittings and cables, as well as semi-finished products, for later assembly. The components or semi-finished products that come from subcontractors pass extensive quality controls before they leave for another subcontractor for processes such as coating.

Finished parts

We pride ourselves on filling custom orders as fast – and as well – as we can. To do this, we keep all types of extruded parts in stock. This allows us to process custom orders of items with short delivery times.

All received parts are checked for stains, scratches, dents or other visible imperfections. Every part has to be perfect! Only then are they sawn down and used for assembly.

A passionate Delta Light team controls the assembly of the products itself. The finished products get a final quality check and are packaged for shipment to the customer. This is how we’re able to make around 150,000 products every month.

Finished goods, ready for export

From our Belgian warehouses, we export to about 120 countries around the world. This requires us to maintain tight logistical operations. Thanks to extensive digitalization our warehouse management system allows us to track every movement of the materials and products coming and going, from receipt and storage to order picking, packaging and shipping. This makes it possible to shed light on what’s happening for the customer so they can count on a punctual delivery.

Automated warehouse

Since 2015, Delta Light has also run an automated warehouse that can accommodate approximately 15,000 pallets. The building is no less than 26 meters high and has 15 floors. A team of 9 robots guarantee optimal automation of the warehouse process.