In addition to lighting, Delta Light also integrates other technologies into its product range. We offer a combination of lighting and soundproofing in certain product categories, for example in the Soliscape, Zoover and Superloop product lines. This is the perfect solution for sound reduction in offices and other spaces, with the added benefit of being very understated.


Sound absorbing elements

The panels are made of highly sound-absorbent PET felt, which can be used in combination with additional absorbent material to further reduce disruptive sounds. This all but eliminates reverberation in an indoor space, protecting your ears and minimizing distracting chatter at the same time. Soli-Shhh panels absorb sounds between 500 Hz and 2000 Hz - which are the typical speech frequencies. Having spot modules mounted around the circle is also an option. 

Acoustics and reverberation time

Incorporating the noise-cancelling acoustic elements reduces reverberation time and increases auditory comfort by cutting down on background noise. This is one of the most important factors when evaluating the acoustics of a room. Reverberation occurs when sound waves reflect off of hard surfaces such as ceilings, walls and windows. This can cause echoes and distort sounds. 

Reverberation time is expressed in seconds. An empty room can easily have a reverberation time of more than 3 seconds, which is an unpleasant sound environment as it makes it harder to concentrate and understand a speaker.

The recommended reverberation time for offices

The recommended reverberation time depends on what each room is being used for. For example, the recommended reverberation time varies from less than 1 second for an open-plan office to a maximum of 0.6 seconds for a meeting room, which Soli-Shh panels are able to achieve. The layout of a room and the building materials used have a great impact on the acoustics. Carpeted floors, for example, are more sound absorbent than materials such as concrete or ceramic tiles.

Certified testing

The sound absorption properties of the panels are tested in a certified environment: a reverberation chamber that is equipped with microphones. These sound tests are carried out according to the EN ISO354:2003 standard.

After testing the reverberation times, a sound absorption area is determined based on this, which allows us to calculate how panels will affect room acoustics. For Soliscape, for example, the tests show that Soli-Shhh panels have a Class A certification for sound absorption with an excellent score of 0.98 out of 1, measured at 1000 Hz.