924 Bel Air Rd (US)

With a price tag of $250 million 924 Bel Air Road is the most expensive property ever listed in the USA. Designed and developed by real estate entrepreneur Bruce Makowsky, the 38,000 sq ft estate includes +17K sq ft of entertainment decks, 2 master suits, 10 over-sized VIP guest suites, 21 luxurious bathrooms, 5 bars, a stadium style theatre, a candy room, a refrigerated room and 5,000 bottle wine cellar, a 85-foot infinity swimming pool and a custom bowling alley.
Part of the package is an auto gallery worth more than $30 million, 7-person full time staff, over 100 curated art installations, an outdoor pop-up theater, the most advanced home tech system in the world and the original Airwolf helicopter sitting atop as an art installation like no other.
The goal with the “Billionaire” property was simple; every inch of the property in the home had to be innovative, flawless, and meticulously curated. The budget was there is no budget.
Built upon the single most spectacular view in California, this property has an unrivaled 270˚ view that extends from the snow-capped San Gabriel Mountains to the sun-drenched shores of Malibu. Visitors can experience the heart of Los Angeles in one expansive panorama.
United States
Interior design
BAM Luxury Development Group
BAM Luxury Development Group