Vashi (GB)

Luxury fine-jewellery brand Vashi has become synonymous with high-end British retail.
In addition to their strong online presence, Vashi has seven stores in the UK.
Each store is also home to a workshop, enabling customers to engage with the jewellery design and share in the journey of bringing a piece of jewellery to life.
When opening their new flagship store in Covent Garden, London, lighting consultants dpa were commissioned by Vashi to design the lighting.
dpa worked closely with the client at Vashi, DECON project management, creative studio Mythology from New York, and architects Tanner Design.

The lighting scheme is an integrated part of the interior. With the workshop within each retail space, this area needs to allow for close interaction with customers to offer that truly unique experience.
The lighting design created by dpa responds to the various spaces in the store, delivering a variety of different areas.
Nick Hoggett, Partner at dpa Lighting Consultants commented "dpa lighting consultants were delighted to be commissioned by Vashi to design the lighting of their new flagship store in Covent Garden London. The lighting had to visually reflect the different spaces whilst ensuring the light from the workshop spaces did not impact adversely on the other areas.
The store was conceived to create a new experience for clients visiting a fine jewellery retail space and did not follow the normal fine jewellery approach."

Delta Light was selected by dpa to supply a number of luminaires for several different areas of the store.
The Spy S fitting from is prevalent throughout the space.
To fulfil the requirements of the lighting scheme, the Spy S was supplied in a custom special gold finish, mixed with a number of fittings in standard black. This harmony of colours fits the aesthetics of the store beautifully.
To create the perfect backlighting for the store, softening lenses were used, providing an even coverage of soft light. The outcome is an elegant bright store that seamlessly shows dpa’s design.

Good lighting is always the result of excellent collaboration between the client, design team, contractors, lighting solution providers and this project exemplified the process.
We developed the lighting scheme as an integrated part of the interior.
Vashi has brought the craftsmanship of a jewellery workshop into the retail space, closely interacting with customers for a unique experience.
The lighting responds to the spaces within the store, creating a variety of different areas."

As well as the workshop, the store features a digital art installation, consultation rooms for those customers looking for a bespoke solution, and a chic bar for those waiting for their jewellery to be customised or made.
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