First introduced in 2004 as a single LED luminaire, upscaled in 2008 as a multiple LED luminaire with 4 or 6 LED dots, implemented in the profile section in 2010 as a module with 4 or 6 LEDs, the history of Dot.Com within the Delta Light range goes way back. With LEDs being utterly functional and performant nowadays, Dot.Com is up to its second revival, coming as a complete family of luminaires with multiple LED dots to create the most discreet, yet highly functional light settings.

The Small version only needs 25mm of width, a nearly invisible appearance yet with visible impact.

The Medium range includes an adjustable version with trim and a trimless solution. The adjustable Dot.Com M – with tilting possibility up to 30° - is ideal for instance to emphasize an artwork on the wall. The specific design of the trimless luminaire grants the opportunity to install it either completely into the ceiling or semi-recessed, to evoque more expression into the room.

With an output up to 12W per luminaire, the Large range is the most powerful within the Dot.Com series. The Large version is the only version within the Dot.Com range that also offers surface mounted alternatives. Similar as for recessed installation, Dot.Com L brings a 2 LED and a 4 LED version within a compact design. With its low glare - thanks to the combination of individual reflectors per LED - Dot.Com L is perfectly applicable for office use.

Our Dot.Com family is not only limited to spotlight beam angles, it also has linear wallwashers in its range for a soft, even light effect on vertical surfaces. These come as single luminaires, as modules to fit in the magnetic profiles and as a bespoke trimless or surface mounted profile solution, perfect to adapt the light to your specific desires.

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