Villared (BE)

Villared exists since 2004 and has grown into a culinary attraction, where visitors from all over the country enjoy spending some time. This success is a result of the collaboration between Dave Debal and Katja Berus.

In 2016, the restaurant received a very successful restyling by Lieven Musschoot. The result is a contemporary design of the art deco style. Green marble, mother of pearl and walnut are the decor of this attractive restaurant. Chic, but not too much! The idea of Dave and Katja is that culinary pleasure should give the host energy and appeal to all senses.

In the refurbished interior, our Boxy RB on track in combination with a playful composition of the Spy Clip have been installed for general lighting, while a Gibbo cluster is a true eye catcher above the only round table in the restaurant.
Lieven Musschoot
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