Penny Hutner House (US)

Located on the inland side of the dunes, the beach side view looks across native plant species.
The architect designed the geometric bones of the structure, and the visual flow of the home, the exterior enclosed stairways, the exterior and interior material choices, lighting, furniture, fixtures and endless other details were the responsibility of Penny Hutner Interior Design.

"This project is a modern, grand scaled two-story oceanfront residence in the Hamptons, on the eastern end of Long Island, New York."

The interior spaces are grand scaled, with flying overhang bridges, and a 7.9 meter high window wall on the entry side.
The exterior materials are a blend of chiseled and flat textured stone, aluminized metal, and red toned Ipe wood.
The stone continues to the interior of the double-height entry which is flanked by two 7.9 meter tall verdant living walls.

Interior objects from around the world express beauty and interest at every turn.
Penny Hutner Interior Design transformed the open architectural spaces with a discerning selection of finish color, texture, and location to introduce warmth, comfort, and intimate scale.
United States
Interior design
Penny Hutner Interior Design
Mark Lumley Builder
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