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Other Criteria, the arts-based publishing company founded by Damien Hirst, announced the opening of its first retail location in the United States on May 6th 2014. Located at 458 Broome Street in New York’s SoHo, the store will carry the full array of products found in the brand’s stores in the United Kingdom, including original prints, editions, books, jewelry, and artist designed items, including rugs, wallpaper and vases.

The two-floor, 3000+ square foot U.S. flagship store will feature a series of elegant monolithic displays along with glass cases for precious items such as the exclusive jewelry line designed by Damien Hirst in collaboration with Los Angeles jeweler Hoorsenbuhs.

An airy lower level exhibition space provides an environment for exhibitions, readings, and screenings. Other Criteria Creative Director Jason Beard said “We’re eager to have the new store be a gathering place for creativity in addition to being a source for collectible art editions and objects.” The store will be open to the public 11am to 7pm Monday through Saturday and noon to 6pm on Sunday.

Experienced in retail lighting and with an extensive range of UL certified products, Delta Light teamed up with architect Michel Schranz on the lighting design of the new store. Special attention was given to beam angles and the best possible color rendering for excellent illumination and maximum impact of the colorful and vibrant artworks on display.

Delta Light’s Supernova – a range of large size luminaires – were used for general lighting and an eye catcher on the ground floor level of the store. Working around ducts and services, an intricate pattern of suspended dimmable track lights was used throughout the store. Delta Light’s circular Supernova XS was used for general lighting and Ultra Twin point source luminaires for a directed light effect. These high-efficient LED luminaires offer maximum flexibility in movement; enabling the store management to adapt the lighting at any time to match the changing needs of the use of the store.

On basement level the ceiling was slightly lower, but the same layout and luminaire types could be used as on entry level, although as a surface mounted version to keep maximum ceiling height and create a sense of space. The end result is a fully dimmable and highly sustainable lighting scheme, with well represented artwork colours and optimum light levels.
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