La Mer Dubai (AE)

Train Beach Club in Dubai is a mixed-use facility. The repurposed beach club has been converted into four separate, distinctively related spaces with unique identities. A professional gym, restaurant, café-bar and nightclub.
The challenge was to keep the space raw and industrial, showcasing and following the inherent existing architecture yet pushing the boundaries of detail.

The choice of materials was based on the client brief (industrial chic), the challenge was to relate four spaces that typically do not mix. In this case the design follows the use of the same core material throughout. With design elements, ques and details simply modified with texture and material. A continued theme of floating light details is implemented by use of LED details.

Custom seating is the focus of this space with wall mounted seating and tables, washed with hidden indirect led lights.
The walls are cladded in the reoccurring theme of slats this time wood instead of steel. The MEP plays and important role in the feel of the space while the bar counter is upgraded to marble to accentuate and focus the eye.

The floors are concrete lit with focused ceiling mounted light cylinders. The space is both open and intimate and comes alive at night when the light details are showcased.

Exposed brick work is celebrated and washed with light in order to give texture to the back drop of featured MEP and drop custom steel mesh ceiling details. The space feels like an industrial gallery with purposefully placed
machinery. The custom design light gives the right amount of light yet still keeping the space intimate.

Changing rooms
Concrete floors and walls are dressed in floating lockers made of wood veneer and concealed LED giving the space a sense of lightness.

The exposed MEP is accentuated with single strip LED lighting channels. While concealed MEP is partially closed with an aluminium slated roof and square LED light fixture that perfectly fit between the slats.

The male and female changing rooms are differentiated with sink details male has custom steel sinks while female has marble. Both are on a shelf of light that illuminates the back wall and the floor emphasising the inherent theme of floating.

Night club
Following the theme of industrial chic, a striking yellow inverted staircase made from raw steel and glass takes centre stage which cocoons you to the mezzanine VIP section.

The lounge is a mixture of raw exposed beams and ducting. The MEP is not concealed but featured. The industrial space is softened by an internal green wall and olive trees. All washed with delicate yet robust lighting features both architectural and decorative.

Train Beach Club won 2 CID Awards 2020: 'Interior Design of the Year - bars and clubs' and 'Best Use of Lighting in Interior Design'.
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Omar Abdelghafour - Light Space Design
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