XY180 is a 3-piece collection of luminaires designed by OMA. The collection was born from a fascination with point, line and surface; key characters in the discourse of architecture.

The collection uses precise geometric proportions. The base elements, which include a tube light and a spotlight in two styles, can be combined with a hinge to generate countless lighting conditions, both essential and complex. As individual components, each part is familiar. When assembled however, they can take on unpredictable and asymmetrical positions.

The tube lights create diffuse ambient lighting, while the spotlights provide focused lighting. By exposing the light and allowing it to pivot, the fixture becomes the main feature as it shifts into multiple configurations; a product that contributes to the creation of space, not only by the light it emits, but also by its physical presence

OMA is an international practice founded by Rem Koolhaas, operating within the traditional boundaries of architecture and urbanism. AMO, a research and design studio, applies architectural thinking to domains beyond.

“Through the choreography of movement and multiplication, the luminaire can manipulate three-dimensional space, entering the domain of architectural space. The modularity of XY180 allows each module or set of modules to be reconfigured and change its impact on the surrounding space.”
Lumens: 356 lm - 1748 lm
Wattages: 5 W - 21 W
Beam range: 20° / 33°
CCT range: Warm White (+3000K)