The made-to-measure Streamliner is a very versatile LED-focused profile family. Its multiple installation options combined with the possibility to add spots and downlights, allow Streamliner to be used in various applications. Inside, the LED array is available in 2 different output levels and can be finished with an opal or prismatic cover. The possibility to use Tunable White further adds to the flexibility of Streamliner.

Streamliner can be recessed mounted, with or without trim, surface or pendant mounted. As a pendant version, the profile can be used with only direct light or there is also the opportunity to have it direct-indirect. To give the profile even more flexibility, also integrated downlighters and additional spots are available.

Streamliner TR and Streamliner 85 are the recessed solutions within the Streamliner range. Streamliner TR can be finished without any visible trim, while Streamliner 85 has a small trim covering the hole in the ceiling. In both cases a homogenous line of light is all you see, as the profile completely disappears into the ceiling. Fully lit corners allow you to play around with lines of light, creating unique patters that strengthen the architecture of the building.

Streamliner 70S and 70L can be used for surface mounted or suspended applications, both offering the possibility to be used as a direct-indirect or purely direct line of light. With its Dimensions of 2"-3/4 = 70mm by 3"-3/8 = 85mm, Streamliner 70S has a more minimalistic look, while Streamliner 70L (2”-3/4 = 70mm by 4”-1/4 = 108mm) enables to hide away all drivers and power supplies inside its body.

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