Minimalism, functionality and versatility are the key terms to describe this extensive collection. The Spy was designed to meet multiple lighting requirements, an ideal solution for accent lighting in residential, hospitality or commercial spaces. The range features low to high lumen packages, narrow to wide beam options, standard or specific LED colors, recessed to surface mounted and track applications, different color finishes and combinations, and can be equipped with multiple light refining accessories.

Following the constant changes in the world of LEDs and optics and the evolution to better user comfort with more precise optics and better light control, the complete Spy range has been upgraded. The result? Fresh shapes and additional finishing colors, better light comfort through hybrid optics, improved LED color consistency and new perspectives with Tunable White and Soft Dim.

The renewed Spy family comes in range of diameters, a range of spotlights to fit any purpose. While the smaller versions come in the lively colors Flemish Bronze, Flemish Gold and Gold Colored, the bigger Spy’s offer Tunable White and Soft Dim solutions in multiple beam angles.

SPY 27 1”-1/16 = 27mm
Spy 27 is the smallest of the range and comes as a Clip version. Don’t be fooled by its size, with a power of 5,8W it perfectly serves for general lighting in residential environments. For optimized visual comfort, a visor is available to reduce the glare when looking into the luminaire.

SPY 39 1"-9/16 = 39mm
Compact in design, complete in functionality. Spy 39 is one of the most elaborate members of the family thanks to its multiple lumen packages, beam angles and ways of installation.

As a recessed solution, Spy 39 comes in many appearances. The Trimless version can serve both as a downlight or as an adjustable spotlight, as the body can either be completely hidden into the ceiling or fully visible to aim it wherever you want. As surface mounted version, Spy 39 On comes with a short or longer cylinder on top. Spy 39 Clip hides away the installation part into the ceiling. The result is a single spotlight with a minimalistic yet sophisticated look. Powering up to 8,6W and available in multiple finishing colors, Spy 39 is suitable for a range of applications.

SPY 52 2”-1/16 = 52mm
The most extensive member within the Spy family: different installation methods, multiple light refining accessories to be added, mid- and high-power LEDs and even the possibility for variable CCT. A Soft Dim version offers the cosy feeling of halogen when dimming down, changing the color temperature into a warm glow of light. Tunable White allows you to change the type of white to your preference, from warm up to very cold white.

Containing a more powerful LED engine than Spy 39, Spy 52 has the same elegant ratio of diameter versus length. Combined with the Ex-centric Rotation System® to swivel around, Spy presents itself like a curious object peeking from the ceiling, able to spy up to 350° around the room. Requiring only 1"-3/8 of recessed depth, the Clip version of the Spy 52 combines easy installation together with a clean ceiling appearance and lots of functionality.

SPY 66 / 90 2”-5/8 = 66mm, 3"-9/16 = 90mm
Spy 66 offers a range of optics to create multiple beam angles within different output levels. Ranging up to 24.6W, Spy 66 is available as Clip and On version, allowing an easy installation. With 3 beam angles in standard white LED colors and Tunable White, Spy 66 is perfect to apply in retail and public environments.

Spy 90 On is the surface mounted Spy solution for high output and ultimate performance, as it has an integrated dimmable driver inside. In line with the complete Spy range, the tubular design can be finished with the colored insert of your choice, but Maxispy On especially wows you with its output and its choice of 3 different beam angles.

This miniature range offers fixed and adjustable recessed luminaires, with and without trim, in a spot or flood beam angle. The trimless versions of Microspy make use of the Snap-In principle, facilitating installation as the frame can be placed in advance and light modules can be added in a finishing stage. As a pendant module its slenderness allows you to create playful or humble set-ups by grouping multiple luminaires or choosing just one single pendant.

SPY – SPY FOCUS 2"-1/2
As a straightforward downlight, Spy is available for direct ceiling fixation or as a pendant, ideal to create a powerful and striking light effect. With Spy Focus one can opt for different beam angles out of only 1 luminaire, as the circle of light can be widened or narrowed by rotating the front of the fittings’ body. As such, every beam angle between 8° and 43° is possible.
Lumens: 276 lm - 2370 lm
Wattages: 5 W - 29 W
Beam range: 8° / 12° / 15° / 18° / 20° / 30° / 33° / 40° / 45°
CCT range: Halogen White (+2700K) / Warm White (+3000K) / Warm White (+3500K)

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