The Soiree range was designed to be voluminous, lightweight and transparent. Its sophisticated form creates a dense and decorative effect, filled with a warm light. The interaction between the pure circular and rectangular forms, with the warm light sources and the symmetric configurations, triggers a dynamic tension. The Soiree takes its inspiration from many angles. From the play of light and shadow in architecture, to natural light effects, the shape of everyday objects and sculptural art. The result is a nest of light, made of circles or rectangles, both structural and decorative, generating a seductive luminous effect. Even when not turned on, they bring texture and character to rooms, defining different areas with small and large contemporary pendants.

The cluster of black circles are in contrast to the classic spherical mood of the inside light source, making the round Soiree a unique object. Either with a bulb or milky-glass light at its centre, the Soiree presents itself like a luminous star wrapped by concentric overlapping orbits. The light adds a warm glow to its sculptural cage, resulting in a unique dégradé effect, peeping through the circles to spread softly into space.

The Soiree is a family of versatile suspensions for large or small spaces. Both the round and rectangular versions come in multiple sizes and 2 colors – black or the unique Delta Light Flemish Gold. In both shapes you have the flexibility to choose for a milky-glass sphere at its center, or to opt for an E26 bulb of your preference. The blown glass diffuser in the centre offers subtle nuances thanks to its satin-like finish, in contrast with its more expressive outer cage.

The rectangular Soiree suspensions embody flexibility, clarity and strength, resulting into a powerful object with a vivid personality. When viewed from different sides, the circular or rectangular pattern changes at every angle.

The Soiree lighting object succeeds effortlessly in putting the observer on the wrong foot with its surprising volume. Everywhere this eye-catcher is given space, it opens up a game of stylised forms and warm light. No matter how you look at it, stylish added value is guaranteed.

One Soiree suspension makes a bold statement by itself, when combined to form a cluster of pendants it can create a more monumental installation. In any application, the Soiree is ready for different combinations thanks to its multitude in shapes, colors and sizes. Either as a rhythmical counterpoint against a more minimalistic backdrop, or in a repetitive set-up above a long counter or room of tables… The Soiree enhances rooms with its unique character, making both residential and commercial settings a bit more magical.

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