Multinova has something familiar and something fresh at the same time. As a disc of light, Nova refers to the Supernova range, as both families share similarities in looks and ways of installation. But Multinova has some additional features to make it multi-applicable, hence Multi in the name.

With 2 different diameters, a down and down-up version and a limited height of only 2"-3/4, Multinova is perfect to use in different ways. Its small dimensions fit in any residential or hospitality project, as a track mounted luminaire it suits any retail environment and with a prismatic sheet for reduced glare it even adapts in office settings. Moreover, Multinova can be used on our Magnetic profiles for general lighting.

Multinova comes in our standard black or white and can also be finished in the warmer Gold Colored to enrich its surroundings. To top it off – next to a sandblasted or prismatic optic – one can opt for a smoked sheet at the front for a more decorative touch. When turned on the disc is fully lit, when turned off a deep dark arises, ideal in combination with a Gold Colored Multinova.

On track, Multinova comes as a fix luminaire or as a pivoting disc. Like this, a straightforward light setting can easily be turned into a sparkling play between light and design.

Apart from the recessed, surface mounted and track version, there are two ways to suspend Multinova. Suspended by cables Multinova faces straight downwards, but as a rod suspension Multinova can be tilted up to 90° to face vertical surfaces as well. As such, one single suspension can dress up any room while a cluster of these serve to create frisky light settings.
Lumens: 865 lm - 11525 lm
Wattages: 15 W - 119 W
CCT range: Warm White (+3000K) / SOFT DIM (3000K - 1800K)

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