Mono is a well-known member of the Delta Light outdoor range. It was the first outdoor wall fixture within the range that combines a LED module with a lens, resulting in a farreaching and strongly delineated lighting effect. The Mono’s timeless and sharp contoured design adds a contemporary touch to any façade. Available as downlight only or down-up light.

To avoid the problem of oxidation and corrosion of outdoor products, Delta Light uses a prime selection of aluminium alloys with a low content in copper. The protection by anodizing treatment, on all suitable components including die-cast aluminium ones, improves the resistance against corrosion. The titanium-based conversion layer offers a further protective layer for protection prior to the final polyester painting.

We apply extensive pre-painting surface treatments for maximum protection against corrosion, such as acid washing to clean the surface, rinsing with demineralized water to remove residue, and the application of a chemical conversion treatment to protect against rusting.

Our polyester powder color coating is based on saturated polyester resins, electrostatically applied and oven cured at 200°, guaranteeing high resistance to atmospheric ageing and UV light exposure. Extra resistant surface paint is guaranteed by filiform corrosion testing with an exposion of over 1500h.

All coating procedures are followed by daily careful testing. Strict controls are constantly maintained over the parameters of every step in the process, such as purity, pH, chemical concentrations, temperature, etc. This ensures the best achievable substrate penetration and uniformity of the conversion coat, thereby ensuring optimum corrosion resistance and powder-coat adhesion.
Lumens: 660 lm - 1361 lm
Wattages: 8 W - 16 W
CCT range: Warm White (+3000K) / Warm White (+3500K)