MILES is pure eye-candy.

A collection of 4 purely handcrafted glass shapes, each in 4 different colors (pink, amber, smoke or mist), each recognizable yet unique in all respects. A family of suspensions that play on the visual contrast between the colored and white blown glass, combined with different shapes and colors, also ideal for multiple compositions.

All shapes and finishes are inspired by the interplay of opacity, translucency and transparency.
Its translucent or milky forms and dynamic light offer a countless number of scenarios.

When switched off its transparency makes MILES almost disappear. When switched on they provide a cozy and stylish luminous presence, stimulating senses and perceptions.

MILES is a family of figures differing in form, size and color, spreading a calm, intimate atmosphere.
The 4 MILES shapes each come in 2 different versions, either with an invisible LED source, or with E27* enabling you to opt for a classic or more expressive bulb.

The MILES shapes are designed to glow in clusters.
Hung at various lengths, they create a majestic and sensual centrepiece wherever they are applied.
A luxurious installation of clear and colorful glass shades.

A set of decorative tubes in black and gold finishing is available to further upgrade your presentation.
These elegant casings add sophistication and style, at the same time distinguishing the magical sphere of the glass from the technical components on top.

All MILES suspensions start from the same ribbed top, with a smooth transition to its four shapes.
Each shape has its own unique character, yet every time starting from the same angle, ensuring a harmonious whole when used in a configuration.

** E27 version is available as E26 in North America. **
Lumens: 186 lm - 591 lm
Wattages: 8 W
Beam range: 50°
CCT range: Halogen White (+2700K)

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