The range of Femtoline profiles is very extensive, with each family member having its own specific design and application area. Small or wider profile design, down or down-up lighting, wall, ceiling or floor mounted, flush or tilted plexi... the Femtoline family offers a solution to any lighting problem.

The smallest of the range for surface mounted lighting solutions. Femtoline 25 offers 3 ways of general lighting: standard with a semi-recessed plexi that creates both direct and indirect lighting, Femtoline 25 F with a flush plexi for direct lighting and Femtoline 25 T with a tilted plexi to create an asymmetric light effect.

The in-house developed lens extrusion is designed to fulfill multiple functionalities to create the optimal grazing effect. First of all, its specific shape generates a double light effect: in one direction it produces a small light beam to graze along the surface, even for higher walls, in the other direction the purpose is to widen the beam to obtain the same effect as wide as possible. Its second task is to do all of this without loosing sight of the visual perception. Thanks to a special treatment of the lens, the LED dots of the LEDflex are being transformed into a uniform line of light without any obtrusive effect to the eye.

The most versatile of the range. Similar as with Femtoline 25, one can opt for direct lighting with Femtoline 35 or a more indirect general lighting with Femtoline 35 F. Furthermore, Femtoline 35 can be used within the trimless Femtoline 35 TR profile, creating a black cove filled with strokes of light. As a pendant for down or down-up lighting, one can opt for the straightforward Femtoline 35 F HE D-U with its H-shaped design that hides away the plexi from below.

The recessed solution. Femtoline 45 complements the Femtoline 25 range in applications that allow recessed installation.

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