The evolution of a promise. Founded in 1989 Delta Light has been designing and manufacturing sustainable and high-quality luminaires since its very beginning. Exterior lighting has been an important part of the collections from the early years, and has evolved to a full range of reliable lighting solutions for any project need.

Let’s journey into the world of Delta Light’s outdoor lighting.


Delta Light manufactures dependable, high-quality lighting solutions that enhance people's lives. Our award-winning portfolio includes specification-grade interior and exterior products delivering striking aesthetics, timeless style, and superior performance. We're committed to addressing the needs of the architecture and design community with the tools they need to bring their creative visions to life with solutions that enhance light quality in the built environment.


Delta Light outdoor products are built to last, even in the harshest weather conditions, making them a reliable option for diverse climates. Our robust testing involves subjecting product samples to extreme conditions that mimic severe, hot, and harsh application environments. This process safeguards the ability of our luminaires to perform reliably in their intended environments. And we back our promise with a five-year guarantee on our entire indoor and outdoor lighting collections.


As outdoor luminaires often need to withstand harsh weather conditions, Delta Light maintains the highest standards in the material choices for finishing the products, as well as in the technology and the manufacturing process.

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Our outdoor range is designed to resist extreme weather conditions: heat, rain, snow, and freezing temperatures. The technical specifications of the Frax illustrate the effort we put into making our fixtures climate-proof.

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Whether you are lighting cozy backyard nooks or sprawling landscapes, Delta Light’s range has you covered with it’s minimal aesthetic. Our fixtures will continue to look great for years to come, making them truly timeless products.

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The power of light is in its malleability: how it reflects, refracts, and sculpts controls and enhances the overall perception of a room and the objects in it. It’s the ultimate mood setter, the silent partner in an architectural or landscape design, the hidden force that creates ambiance and brings a room, garden, or courtyard to life. Light can shape or envelop a space. See how these lighting projects illuminate functionality, architecture, and nature.

Lighting fixtures are like a paintbrush in space

Elevate your outdoor space with Delta Light's extensive catalog of lighting solutions. From ceiling recessed to surface-mounted, wall recessed to surface-mounted, and even floor-recessed and surface-mounted options, we have the perfect fixture for your outdoor needs. Eager to find out more about our exterior solutions?

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