Ruth Dayan Offices (IL)

Spanning 300 square meters, Adv. Ruth Dayan’s prestigious boutique office exudes power and professionalism while simultaneously instilling in visitors a sense of support and safety. The interior, designed by Sari Oz, is an expression of the owner’s unique personality and style. From the moment one enters the space, the guest is drawn into the main corridor. This is achieved by the harmonious relationship between the interior design and linear light fixture installed at the entrance, creating a natural flow throughout the office. In addition, spot lighting was installed to illuminate the beautiful artwork placed throughout the corridor.
In the offices, materials such as reflective glass are used to form separations between spaces and create visual interest by utilizing a variety of textures, shapes, and colors. Hanging light fixtures, thin recessed lighting, and spots work together to balance the light throughout the entire space. The main conference room is adorned with a dramatic decorative light fixture, which, combined with the spectacular sea view, brings in the same sense of power and serenity felt in all areas of the office.
Дизайн интерьера
Sari Oz
Освещение дизайн
Rama Mendelsohn
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